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Start Sleds Sleipner




The Sleipner is also available as a sit down model with the name Sleipner OM.

From a technical point of view all long distance races are possible with this sled. The rear construction however hinders the pedaling by the driver from the middle of the sled to the back. The dogs can therefore only be assisted 'from the side' which probably classifies this sled for the ultra-long distance.

With a shorter front than the Ultra, but counting the extra rear seat, it has a lot more loading capacity (see datasheet). The light and side-flexible rear construction does not hinder the good steering qualities of the Sleipner.

Also available is the padded seat bag with inside dividers or cooler space. If a Sleipner is to be refitted an adjustment of the foot pads, the brakepad lifter and the handlebar height are recommended.


  • Red/blue
  • Special requirements upon request


  • Aluminium-runners 8'
  • Aluminium-runners 9'


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This is the BEWE flagship for long distance. As the name discloses, this sled is in its element at all the long distance races of the world. No matter how bad the trail - the Sleipner withstands everything and can face any strain.

This racing sled was developed for the uncompromising long distance racer. The basket is slightly longer due to a different front construction and the runner mounting position, which is set further back in comparison with the Ultra. Henceforth we build the Sleipner especially for the experienced musher aiming for top results.

The changed geometry of the rods, which are very far forward, counterbalance the much poorer steering capacities of an aluminium runner (in comparison to the wood-laminated runner) and enables, despite soft runner torsion, precise and effortless steering. The very robust brush bow/plate construction, a welded frame brake, and a top class processed sled bag with many thoughtful details make the Sleipner a fantastic sled. 

Of course you also recognise the BEWE signature in the Sleipner. Clear and simple construction on the runner, proven steel cable system, curbed handlebar, special basket stanchion connection - all renowned BEWE details that make this sled excellent.

Price includes:

  • Aluminium runners 9',
  • Rubber foot pads,
  • Standard runner plastics,
  • BEWE steel brake,
  • BEWE break pad with spikes,
  • Standard sled bag red-blue

Of course any Sleipner with 9' foot runners can be refitted with the OM-rear.


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