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Start Sleds Alpi Turax
Alpi Turax



Alpi-Turax Farben


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BEWE introduces the third Alpi modell with the Turax. The Turax also rides on the same narrow tracks as the other Alpi models. In addition the Turax is also defined by the well know qualities: Simple, light, fast, immensely stable and precice steering!

Here we have not just added the Sleipner seat to the Alpi-2! On the contrary the framework for the development of the rear part was a huge challenge. The three dimensionally formed polyethylene basket is also used in the construction of the rear part. 
It's form, the total weight of 15kg with a tested load capacity of 140kg and the manoeuvrability obtained by the high side flexibility; stand for simple, light, immensely stable and precision steering!

The Alpi-Turax is made for the ultra-long distance, with an additional 72 litre weight capacity in the back, built upon a nine foot long aluminium runner, which has a second sidebar at the sled front enabling higher manoeuvrability.

The rear bag has integrated padding in the top, lashings to secure the cooler and a big snack bag. Just as the main sled bag, the rear bag is removable for washing.

Price includes:

  • Standard runner plastic,
  • BEWE steel brake,
  • BEWE brake pad with spikes,
  • Rubber foot pads,
  • Sled bag,
  • 2 snow hook holders,
  • Rear part with bag and seat padding
  • Integrated shock absorber

The rear part of the Turax is easily demountable - enabling for the Alpi Turax to become a super light finisher sled in no time.





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